Ubuntu/Mint/Debian btrfs compressed at installer time

Easiest way to do this is to alter the mount command of the live environment.

Boot as usual to the live session.

Move the mount executable to another location:

Edit a new file using sudoedit /bin/mount and save the following script into it (alter the options as you like; here we have added compress):


You can also match block devices like /dev/sda1 instead of -t btrfs and chain elifs to use different mount options for different devices and filesystems.

Copy the original permissions over to the new script:

Install as usual and your btrfs partition will be mounted with the specified options (here, compress).
After the installation is finished, before exiting the live envirement, alter the /etc/fstab of the newly installed system to match the specified options, so it will use the same options on new boots.

Additional options one might consider to add are:

One more seen online was realtime

@Credits to someone out there – not referenced to exact source as it comes from my notes.