SquidGuard – URL filtering

SquidGuard is one of very well known URL filtering solutions. Paired together with some good URL/domain list is very powerful and fast solution.

SquidGuard installation is very simple and well described on internet.

Example squidGuard.conf  could look like:

By default config does not include the dest sections.

To generate one as no other list/script could be easily found, below was quickly written:

The minor problem with the script is that it generates incorrect lines generating error at SqudiGuard level for parent folders with subcategories. But you’ll need to run this script once only. Should one find better way to get it done, let me know pls.

One of well known, updated and free to use for private purpose is Shalla list.

Automated list update process could be described with below. Please note to not run it more often than every 24h as per request from Shalla guys as the list is not updated more often.

Script can be then linked to /etc/cron.daily  folder:

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