Network folder synced to OneDrive/SharePoint

SharePoint synchronization mechanism using in background groove.exe does a lot to block synchronization to a network folder.

Whilst this might be well explained by why would one sync a network location such as SharePoint to another network folder, there are situations where it is required. One of such requirements is when system is running in VM and the data needs to be synchronized to VM shared folder which is then visible to operating system as network drive, i.e. then available to different VMs to avoid waste of space if that folder would be put on “C:” drive.

The workaround which works pretty well is to us symbolic link. Before doing so, make sure to close any instance of groove.exe or any other software using data in the synchronized folder.

Should you have your folders synchronized already the steps are:

  1. Stop all groove.exe processes.
  2. Rename existing folder, in example below <Company Name Team>. If OneDrive folder was selected to be c:\OneDrive it will be c:\OneDrive\<Company Name Team> and there will be another personal OneDrive folder.
    If this worked fine it means that all programs were closed properly, otherwise error would be raised.
  3. Open CLI with Administrator privileges
  4. Re-run OneDrive and/or Groove to verify that all has been recognized properly.

This should be as simple as that.

Important: synchronization of private folder on SharePoint requires newer OneDrive version than the one for shared folders and this one has additional check which does not seem to accept above trick.

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