Mint on Dell Precision 5520 – fan noise

The key was the patch:

@Credits go to someone as when downloading didn’t take a note and don’t have time to look for it.

The important part is that both smm from this package is required as well as module after each kernel has to be rebuilt (make) and installed in appropriate location

Files I’m using to disable (obligatory to have i8k running as otherwise can burn laptop). Content of /usr/local/sbin/fan-bios-disable

Content of /usr/local/sbin/fan-bios-enable

And /etc/i8kmon.con

cpufreqd might be a good addition to control governors and maximum frequency, i.e. force lowest during the night to avoid any fan.

Disadvantage is that at least brightness control doesn’t work.

Searching for more details here can be found:

XPS 9560 – Battery life optimization and fan management from Dell

Great help was found at

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