Get the resolution right – Squid basic URL rewrite script

Squid allows to use URL rewrite program to alter URL silently (rewrite) or preferred method to redirect to other URL. Mobile apps often rely on data retrieved from URL whilst at the same time not supporting re-directions (i.e. web TV/Movie platforms).

Int the simplest form the rewrite configuration could look like:

What it does it that for all calls for domains defined as part of rewrite_quality acl, in this case  it would pass the URL through the

Squid launches the defined script upon start (depending on number of children – url_rewrite_children ) and passes requests to script STDIN.

The full description of request as passed by Squid is:

Further described at The example request passed to the script looks like:

Additional detals around url_rewrite_program  can be found at

Custom URL rewrite script

Simple URL rewrite script could be as following to rewrite bitrate part of URL for TVN Player / Player (aka

The script as above needs to be then pointed within squid.conf

Motivation for above was that for unknown reasons web and mobile players were behaving differently and very bad quality was selected on some players regardless of the available bandwidth. Above forced the proper quality and has certainly a lot of drawbacks due to silent URL rewrite as it forces other clients to the same selected quality. Note that above example sets very low quality for tests.

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